X-Tiles is a cool new tile-playing game in the domino family. Quick to learn and easy to play, it offers more strategic possibilities than conventional dominoes. Try our online version, read about the game, or get the latest news on where you can buy a set!
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X-Tiles is a game for two or more people. (The online version here has you playing against the computer, but if you have plenty of friends and a big enough table, up to six people can play the "starter" set of 48 tiles, and up to ten people can play the "standard" set of 72 tiles.)

Two tiles are laid out to start,

after which players choose seven tiles each.

The player who lost the last hand plays first (for the first hand, either player can play first). Tiles must be played so that adjoining edges have matching colors.

The first tile played must "turn" the game -- it can't be played so that there are three tiles in a line:

These moves are okay These are not allowed

For example, this is one possible first move:

Now the fun begins! Players take turns playing tiles, and whenever a player plays a tile that matches along more than one edge, that player goes again. Playing this tile ends a player's turn:

But play a tile that matches on two edges, and you go again:

Play your last tile, and you get a point for each tile remaining in your opponents' hands. And if your last tile matches on more than one edge, you get double points!

That's it! Enjoy the game, and let us know what you think!



Tile Set:

Starter set: 48 tile subset of the Standard set
Standard set: 72 tiles, each with two same-colored sectors and two differently-colored sectors
Complete set: 136 tiles with every possible combination of four colored sectors


Clear scores and game counter.

X-Tiles is available at BarnesAndNoble.com

and on Amazon in the US and in the UK.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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X-Tiles is the brainchild of Rick Malagodi and Hy Ginsberg; you can email us at: